I am a Paris based photographer specializing in Fashion and Portraits photography.

I discovered photography only a couple of years ago when I found some old film cameras that belonged to my grand father. It may sound cheesy and cliché but once I started exploring the possibilities of this art, I finally understood what was my calling. I could never really draw, paint or make music but picking a camera enabled me to express my creativity and feelings.

After a few months I won a competition which gifted me with a so-called pro body and I took it as a sign that this could become my career. This did not mean however that I did not have to put a lot of work in developing my skills, style and knowledge of this fast moving industry and that I am not learning a bit more every single day.

I want to produce pictures that have a visual impact and that can tell stories. Movies tell stories at about 60+ frames per second, photographers have to tell it with one single frame which makes it very challenging but also very rewarding.

Although I am entirely self taught, I take my work very seriously and I want to adopt the most professional behavior with my clients as well as with my team which are two crucial elements for any photographer.

Finally I am also very interested in building a photography community where people could help each other whether on shoots, inspiration or advices. We all share the same passion, we can only benefit from each other and grow altogether.

If you are interested in collaborating with me feel free to contact me.